Cathy’s Story (about importance of diet)

Just want to share what I have been through with this disease. I have had ulcerative colitis for 20 years. I was in remission till last year when I started having shortness of breath. I went to pulmonary doctor who treated me for pneumonia. After treatment was done a CT was done. It showed it had gotten worse and a biopsy was done. It showed that the autoimmune disease had spread to my lungs. I then was put on steroids for 6 weeks. I went to an allergist who found I was allergic to 23 foods. I cut them out of my diet and have had much improvement. When I returned to pulmonary doctor he could not believe it. The… Read more..

Lisa’s Story- Coping with lots of issues

We received and edited this story by Lisa. Feel free to comment. My name is Lisa and I am 44 years old. I started with Graves’ disease in my early twenties. It came with mono, anemia and a goiter. I think my health became poor going to the police academy and working full time 7pm to 7am. Once my thyroid was radiated, I never could keep my meds regulated or my weight. I was up and down ten pounds. Anemia would kick in sometimes and my hair would fall out a lot at times. I’m sure continuing with crazy work hours never helped. I then got married and had children. Oh so sick and on a roller coaster with meds and not… Read more..

Autoimmune disease of the ear

Initial submission: My name is Kelly. It has taken me 7 years and 28 Dr’s to finally diagnose me with autoimmune disease of the ear.  I noticed that was not a name on your list of autoimmune diseases.  What it entails is severe vertigo, dizziness, vestibular issues, balance issues, loss of hearing, extreme pain in the ears and noise in my ears, Not just ringing or white noise but a banging noise that sounds like a speaker being blown out and banging in my head… sometimes all 3 at once.  I pass out with out a warning.  I trip and am covered in bruises.  I demanded a test called the anti 68 KD test which is a simple blood test,… Read more..

Drew Living and Enjoying Life with Multiple Autoimmune Diseases

The story of my ongoing sicknesses is not one of my favorite stories. As I think about it, I have been sick for a long time, since I was a teenager. When I was younger I never though about how many times a day I was going to the bathroom or how much my stomach bothered me. The number of times I visited the bathroom each day became part of my life. It was just a big joke. It wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties on my honeymoon that my stomach issues became so bad I knew something was wrong. After over a year of trying different diets and medical testing it was discovered I had Crohn’s disease…. Read more..