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My name is Lisa and I am 44 years old.

I started with Graves' disease in my early twenties. It came with mono, anemia and a goiter. I think my health became poor going to the police academy and working full time 7pm to 7am.
Once my thyroid was radiated, I never could keep my meds regulated or my
weight. I was up and down ten pounds. Anemia would kick in sometimes and my hair would fall out a lot at times. I'm sure continuing with crazy work hours never
I then got married and had children. Oh so sick and on a roller
coaster with meds and not feeling good.
Two years ago we were trying to sell our house for a year and moved. I lost fifteen pounds from stress and of course got really sick. Full on outside allergies. I was coughing up blood and could not breath, so my regular doctor put me on...antibiotics. I didn't get better, so, you guessed it… more antibiotics. I didn't get better, so I went on steroids.
I also found I was allergic to various trees and grass, but inhalers and allergy meds made me better.
Last year my dad died a violent death and a week later I learned my mom got breast cancer again. She mentally could not manage, so she moved in with me adding to my stress. I started getting really sick all year.
My son has been getting really sick as well. He has bad allergies and every cold he came into contact with, he brought home.
We see the chiropractor once a week, take our vitamins, drink water and eat healthy. I am on a mission to get us healthy. I do have a daughter who is very healthy.
So, this year vitalego started on my legs… my brother had it growing up. My joints hurt and my muscles are pulling. I have diarrhea, weight loss and gut
pain. Ugh what is all this?
Finally a new endocrinologist tested me for celiacs and leaky gut because I was on a really high dose of levothyroxine for my 130 pound body. He called telling me I have both, but could not tell me what to do.
I was on the wait list to see another doctor, but I was really sick so I could not wait anymore. My son was seeing this amazing doctor in Boulder, Co. who thought outside the box. During one of his appointments, she was gracious enough to take a few vials of blood from me. After the blood draw results, I was immediately able to get in for my intestinal biopsy which confirmed celiacs and leaky gut.
I also have to mention, I went back to the original allergist who found all the grass and tree allergies. I did a full back and arm panel and all the allergies were
gone. This specialist says, who are you? We have no idea why your allergies
are gone and we have no idea about your immune system. I left with no
referrals or information. I also showed no food allergies from skin tests.
My blood allergy antibody tests showed I was allergic to everything, even
lettuce. Everything I ate was going into my blood supply and I formed
antibodies to all the healthy food I was eating. I also had no progesterone.
I have not had a period in awhile due to all the stress. I left the
gynecologist office without being tested for progesterone. I also have a lot
of trouble sleeping through the night. Anyways,,,, I'm on some amazing stuff
now. What amazes me is that the specialist who did my biopsy only said to me
I won't feel good for awhile.
I have left many other doctors offices with no information.
I wanted to share what I'm on and how the integrative doctor
helped me tremendously. May I share my results? What I'm on?

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